"Only the guy who isn't rowing has time to rock the boat." Jean-Paul Sartre

U10s 3.30 to 4.30 email us at  or whatsapp / phone 8866475 11 and over 4.30 to 6.00

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Please Remember that we are at ISB Friday 5th September.
Well done U17s Sunday 24th.  We gave debuts to Konstantin and Ronnie beating Spartans FC 5-1. Report in September newsletter. The TelBru U17 (1997) National League will be in September. We will continue to prepare for this even though we don't know exactly when it starts, how many games there will be or where the games will take place or whether even we will be allowed to take part.

       2014 Fixtures

U17s v NFABD U17s, SMJA Sunday 7th September 4.00pm

As a member of The FA Licensed Coaches' Club, we hold a recognised and valid English/ UEFA coaching qualification and retain in-date Safeguarding Children and Emergency Aid Certificates.

Spanish football principles:


1. Start playing when 6-8 years old.

2. No need of special physical ability.

3. Train vigorously. Study matches.

4. Different training for each age.

5. Practice ball juggling skills.

6. Train twists, turns, speed and stops.

7. Step-by-step skill development.

8. Smaller pitches and smaller goals.

9. Few players means more play.

10. Evenly matched teams.

11. Play the offside rule.

12. One touch when able.

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